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    If you’re streaming one of our 4K feeds and the colors don’t look right, for example the red looks orange, it could be because of your display or streaming device’s HDR settings.

    Try disabling HDR and see if the colors look better. If this doesn’t work, unfortunately, we are unable to provide any other possible resolutions.

    Since 4K streaming is still in Beta, there are different ways these signals are encoded that may not work the same with all displays.

    How do I disable HDR on my streaming device?

    1. Go to the Fire TV Home screen
    2. Go to Settings
    3. Select Display & Sounds
    4. Select Display
    5. Select Video Resolution
    6. Select 8 bits to disable HDR

    1. Go to Apple TV Home screen
    2. Go to Settings
    3. Select Video & Audio
    4. Select 4K SDR to disable HDR


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