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    If you’re receiving the message “Too Many Devices In Use,” it means you are trying to stream from more devices than your subscription allows. All fuboTV subscriptions include the ability to stream from two devices simultaneously. If you have our Family Share add-on you can stream from a third device.

    To ensure you don’t receive this message unnecessarily, follow these steps:

    1. Check with others you may have shared your password with to ensure you’re not receiving this message because too many users are actively trying to stream UnlockCableTV using your login.
    2. Make sure you’ve signed out of and closed theUnlockCableTV app on any devices you’re not currently streaming from. To sign out, from the menu, select Account, then select Sign Out.
    3. If you’ve been streaming on your phone or tablet, simply going to the home screen, locking the screen, or turning the screen off may not end the stream. Try closing the fuboTV app from the Recent Apps menu on your device to ensure it is not actively using a stream.
    4. If you’re watching in your internet browser, check other browser tabs. If you have any other browser tabs open playing FuboTV video, please close those as well.
    5. If you believe an unauthorized user has accessed your account, try changing your password.
    6. If you’ve tried these steps already, please get in touch with us using the Support button at the bottom of the page. Be sure to let us know what devices you’re streaming from when you encounter this error.
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