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    1. When the box is being loaded the main portal screen appears.
    After that click on “settings”, press remote button “SETUP/SET”.

    2. Then press on “System settings” and click on “Servers”.

    3: Select “Portals”

    4: In the “Portal 1 name” line enter the following ” S4U IPTV “.
    In the “Portal 1 URL” enter the portal address provided by us.

    5: When all the operations listed above is done, then press “OK”.
    When the settings are being saved click “EXIT” on the remote control and press option “General”.
    In the “NTP server,” line enter the following address “ or“ for North America.

    Press “OK” to save the changes you made.
    When all the steps listed above are done press”EXIT” 2 times on the remote control and restart the portal.
    Now everything is ready to start watching Live TV…

    Tip:  Please make sure the DNS on the MAG is set to or, or the new Cloudflare DNS everyone is talking about,

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