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    Make sure you are not using multiple devices!
    Each UnlockCable TV account allows up to 2 simultaneous streaming connections and we do this for a good reason as having multiple devices on your internet network at the same time can slow loading time.
    If you are using a game console, mobile phone, tablet, or PC while watching  UnlockCable TV, this can and will cause the issue. Disconnecting them should help speed up your streaming.
    Please keep in mind that if large numbers of people are accessing a single streaming source at the same time. This will create a bottleneck.
    Test your Internet connection speed!
    Streaming content requires a powerful internet connection. Those are the following recommendations for streaming IPTV content:
    • Minimum required speed: 0.5 Megabits per second
    • Recommended broadband connection speed: 1.5 Megabits per second
    • Speed recommended for SD quality content: 3.0 Megabits per second
    • Speed recommended for HD quality content: 5.0 Megabits per second
    • Speed recommended for Ultra HD quality content: 25 Megabits per second
    From what we mentioned previously. It’s probably a good idea to have at least a 5.0Mb/s connection to stream content through any device.
    If you have a connection speed lower than this. Then it is fair to expect some interruptions when streaming HD content.
    Using a higher connection would be always better. As this would give you a little leeway in case of any fluctuations in connection speed.
    If your connection speed matches or exceeds 5.0Mbps and you are still experiencing issues. Then your first step should be running an internet speed test to see what your numbers look like.
    You can check your speed using one of these websites:
    Optimize your cache settings!
    Sometimes the cause of low streaming and buffering may be due to the insufficient RAM memory or a cache problem, the most recommended solution is to use an  UnlockCable TV
    In case of cache problems (Buffering on all channels, black screen) try to disconnect the power cable of your TV or box and wait for 20 or 30 seconds and then reconnect it again, this will clear the system cache and could fix this problem.
     UnlockCable TV strives to support you with good technical support and we try to deliver good quality, consistent service. We always advise first time users to test the service with a 24 hour FREE trial before purchasing a longer subscription.
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